How to help us by sending crash reports

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Perfection is only an impossible dream, so, as with most things, software crashes from time to time. FutureDecks ( is no exception and while we strive to have the best possible bug-free software, bad things may still happen. It may be because of some tracks you are playing, it may be the hardware you are using or it may simply be our fault.

In any case, when a crash does happen it's always best to try to help us help you. If we can have the crash report then maybe we can fix that bug/incompatibility so that it won't happen again.

Important: make sure that along the crash report itself you also give us in the email as many details as possible about the crash - what you were doing when the crash occurred, what special hardware you might have, etc.


If you are on a Mac than it's really good news - it's very easy to send us the crash report. You can simply copy/paste the crash report when it appears and send it to us by email. Crash-report-macosx-initial.jpg

However, if you closed that window you can still access all crash reports by opening an application called Console (you can find it in /Applications/Utilities/Console). After that, go the left pane (press the Show Log List button if you don't see the left pane) and go to Diagnostic and Usage Information -> User Diagnostic Reports and select the software you want the crash report for (eg. It's possible that there are more than one crash reports there. Again, send it (or all of them) by email to us. Crash-report-macosx.jpg


Unfortunately, on Windows there is no easy way to get ahold of the crash report. We are working on a way to make this easier but in the meantime we still need to access your machine remotely to be able to debug/fix the problem.