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Welcome to Xylio's Wiki - you can think of this wiki more like a knowledge base. You can find details and technical info on our products including advanced setup, guides, hidden features, tips & tricks, etc. For developers and technical people there is info on how to create new skins (user interfaces), create scripts (to support new controllers), create audio effects and so on. All the information here has been written and/or verified by Xylio staff. This wiki complements the forums, User's Manuals and technical support which are still available.

FutureDecks DJ/pro (Mac/Windows)

General Info

Audio devices (soundcards) / Mixers / Timecodes

User Interfaces (skins)

Hardware Controllers

Audio Effects

still to come

Video Effects & Transitions

still to come

Tips & Tricks

still to come

Future DJ (iOS)

still to come