Controller troubleshooting

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Drivers & first use/install

Controllers come in 2 types

  • class-compliant ones - that don't need any kind of driver/software - you just plug them in and that's it (true plug&play)
  • the ones that require drivers or other software to work ok

If a controller comes with drivers (either on a CD or downloadable from the manufacturer website) always install them before connecting the controller to the computer. This is true especially on Windows machines. If you first hook-up the controller before installing the driver then Windows will pre-install a default driver that it finds from Windows Update servers. This driver might work ok or it may not. Also, the controller name might be reported differently than it would've been with it's original driver installed. Because it's name will change than there is a chance that the script inside FutureDecks might not recognize the controller correctly. Again on Windows machines - try to always connect the controller to the same port. If you have an USB controller that was first plugged in an USB port and you connect it to a different USB port (socket) then Windows will perceive this as a completely different device -- it will even install drivers for it. So, to avoid any problems try to always use the same USB port/socket.

Controller doesn't work at all

  1. make sure the controller is connected to the computer, that the cable is ok and the controller is powered on (if it has a power/on switch). Some controllers consume a bit more power than the USB port can provide and need an A/C adapter. Make sure this is working and it's connected to the controller.
  2. test if the controller appears in FutureDecks Preferences/Cfg Control section.
    • if it's not there install a software a like MidiMonitor (on Macs) or MIDIOX (on Windows) and see if the device appears there. If it doesn't it means the controller is either defective, the USB port is or you simply have not installed the drivers/software that came with.
    • if you can see the device name in FutureDecks but the controller is still not working it means that the controller might either be defective or simply FutureDecks does not support it.

Using controller's built-in audio

There is no audio coming from the controller

  • make sure that the audio device (from the controller) is selected in FutureDecks' Preferences/Cfg. If you don't even see the device listed there it means that you should install the drivers for it.
  • make sure that you are are actually playing something in both decks and that monitoring (headphone PFL) is activated. Also make sure that the volume on both the software and on the hardware controller is up.